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Subject: Explaining the Greeks to my sonAll rights reserved by Author. Do not sell or post without permission of
Author. You must be of legal age to read this story. See my other stories
on and support with a few dollars to keep it up and
Author is at Agora a gay bar in Montreal Fridays 5 PM. On Rue Mackay down
from Boul. Rene Levesque.
Kevin Kelly. This is not a true story and do use safe sex always.
No ages are given so You the reader may add any age You wish. Jimmy my one and only son was spending the weekend with me at my
Apartment. I had Him all summer and every other weekend. He is a cute
active boy. A Strapping kid who is really into sports and made the school
football team this year. I had never missed a game all season. I wasn't
all that happy having to sit there along with the ex and Her new Husband.
I had to admit through he was a good looking Man tall handsome blonde and
really filled out His summer T-shirt. She must be going crazy in bed with
that hunk on top of her? We broke up when i knew I was more attracted to
Men naked young little lolitas then Her. She never knew the real reason and For young Kevin's shake
We had an easy friendly separation.
Kevin was in just shorts in the Family room watching some old movie.
he had on one of those Cut shirts that showed his perfect hard six pack.
I couldn't help but see the bulge in His shorts the boy was becoming a
man and from the looks of it He had gotten the Family big dicks. I sat
down with him in my teenie lolita camel toe own shorts socks and no shirt. The movie was an old
one with a Greek war going on. Kevin was really into it. I knew He was
like me a real History Buff. During the commercial he turned to me with
those beautiful blue eyes and said " Dad I read in a History book. That
back in old Greece it was common and natural for young guys and older
guys to have sex with each other. In fact Dad according to the book it
was encouraged?
I nodded my head Yes and said " That's right Kevin back then it was
normal and they enjoyed it freely. See the purpose behind it was that
Boys had and still have a stronger sex drive so they helped each other
out when the wife wasn't available and just cause it felt good Plus it
had the benefit of having the Young boys busy with the men and then they
would leave the girls as virgins until they got married" Kevin was wide
eyed taking it all in. The movie came back on and I was hoping I had said
the right things? I know the talk about two men doing the deed sure had
my bone up in my shorts.
At one point Kevin sitting next to me pressed His foot into my
socked foot to get my attention. The contact sent thrills all through my
body. Kevin said tapping on my foot with His. " Dad then see the main guy
here? Back in those days Him and the younger one would be having sex that
night instead of just sleeping in the same tent like that. Right?" That's exactly right Kevin They would be doing what today is callled
Greeking" Or getting Greek"Kevin still now rubbing His bare foot on mine and driving me crazy said "
Wow and what is that? I mean I heard about it but I am not sure?I cleared my throat and was now massaging my socked foot back against
Kevin's. We were both enjoying our little foot game. I said " Well Greece
made that kind of sex so popular back then that when a man puts his penis
inside another Man's rear end its called Greek. Same if he does it to a
women."Kevin's foot was still on mine now and He looked at me with His blue eyes
and smiled saying " Wow You know it kind of makes sense when You think
about it Dad? I mean like with us two. We don't have any women in our
lives right now. So if we lived in those days we would being doing that
Greek with each other to help each other out?If only He would look down now He would see my hard cock and know what I
was thinking. I held my socked foot firmly on His are foot now and looked
in his eyes saying. " Kevin, That still really goes on today. Only Its
not talked about. Its done in secret behind closed doors. Even the two
guys doing it never mention what they did in bed come the light of day"Kevin looked down at our two feet play our footsi game and then uup tome
and said "This kind of feels good in a strange sexy way Dad. Rubbing Our
feet like this makes it feel all sexy kind of?I nodded and said " Yes it does I know I am enjoying the feeling we are
both getting from doing it. So You are too right?He closed His eyes and moaned saying " Oh yea Dad big time but that's
our secret just between the two of Us Dad."I have no idea what came over me or what I now expected to happen but i
found myself reaching over and taking one of Kevin's nipples in my hand
and thumb and squeezing it. His eyes flew open and he smiled at me and
said. " Dad go ahead keep doing that to me and I'll do it to you. Take
off your shirt for a while" I pulled off my shirt and We sat side ways on
the sofa facing each other. Me squeezing his nipples and he doing mine
and We were both moaning and still rubbing our feet as we explored each
others bodies. I came down on his nipple putting his hot young nipple in
my mouth and was licking him and eating his nipple and He said " Oh dad
please don't stop this is so hot Dad yea Dad I like Your mouth doing that
I was coming to my senses now thinking it was all that would happen.
All I would allow to happen between my Son and myself. Just then Kevin
put his hand on my hard cock and wrapped around it in my shorts and was
actually pulling on my manhood. I moaned and said ' No kevin This sweet preteen lolitas com
going to far Son." He just kept feeling holding and squeezing my cock I
made no effort to stop the pleasure. He said " Dad just pretend We are in
old Greece and Let's help each other out some?I didn't answer well not in words that is. I had to do it now and i
reached down and took hold of his cock in His shorts. My God the kid had
a real Man dick down there and i was holding it firmly in my hands and he
was holding lilacs and lolita lyrics mine and we were pumping into each others hands. We were both
panting a little with the sexual excitement of this new game. I was the
first to reach in and take hold of His bare Boy-Man cock in my hands. So
thick around and long I asked him " You ever measure this thing Kevin?Oh yea Dad all the time and its like 8 and a half now and still growing"
he then pulled mine out and He was admiring my hard dick in His hand and
cupping my balls. We sat side ways on the sofa father and Son exploring
freely each others hard bare cock's. His thumb was rubbing around my
mushroom cock head and spreading my cum all over my head. I was holding
His very grown up hairy balls and I spit on my hand and then with the
palm of my hand rubbed it all over his tender big dick head. Kevin let
out a loud yell saying " Oh lolitas in school uniform
dad yea the is hot. Let me do it to You?
I spread my legs and my Boy was doing it to me thrilling me so much
I was loving his attention to my 9 inch hard dick. Then I sweet preteen lolitas com had my eyes
closed and was shocked to feel the next pleasure Kevin had in store for
me that first night. I felt his mouth on my cock head and his tongue
licking at my cum hole licking my cum from the hole. He went down my
thick 9 inch cock shaft like a pro. taking nearly all his daddy's cock
down his young throat. His hand was working in conjunction with his mouth
twisting my cock as his mouth devoured it. I tapped his head and said "
Kevin let's go to my room and really get into this thing?
He came off me and stood up offering me a hand up i pulled down his
shorts and the boy-man was full naked now his long 8 and a half thick
cock standing out of His blonde pubic hairs I held it and was leading loli flash game renchan him
by the dick to my room to be deflowered on my bed. I admired his hard
strong well muscled body and he laid on my bed and then turned on His
side to 69. I came to him now naked except of my sweat socks on and he
took my 9 inches in His mouth again and i was now sucking his 8.5 young
thick cock shamelessly into my own mouth tasting my Boys teen thick bare
dick. Father and Son on the bed making love to each others manhood. I was
going crazy feeling my Son's big hairy balls pushing my finger up inside
his virgin ass hole with no objections from Him I knew he wanted to give
up his rosebud for me to Greek him as We had talked. I also knew how
important it was to get this first load done and then with the next load
take each other up the rear a la Greek.
kevin was close real close and i was waiting for his first load of cum.
he came off my cock and tapped my head saying " dad I am so close man if
You don't come off i am going to blast my cum load in Your hot mouth. I
moaned letting him know to feed me his cum load and he ws now convulsing
as he 8.5 dick was realeasing his teen load of cum into His Dad's mouth
and idrank in every drop of His come load and was now cleaning up his
cock head of the last drops. he said " Oh dad that was so daddy s little lolita
hot me shooting
into you like that now Let me taste your cum too Dad" he resumed his
sucking and soon my own body was convulsing as my man load of thick
strings of cum shot volley after volley into Kevin's mouth He gagged and
choked but took most of my cum down his cherry throat. he came off my
cock and smiled at me saying " Now We can do this every weekend" I said
You mean every other weekend don't You? He said " Nope every weekend. Mom
will think I am out with Friends but I'll be here at the end of you
beautiful cock dad."
We went into the family room bar and I let Kevin have a beer or two
and we talked about the up coming games. He was excited to get my cock
up his ass and to fuck me with His own 8.5 inch teen cock.please write
You must state Your age. No flames Please. Kevin
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